Bird Safety

Helping our wildlife after the fires

The wildlife in Sonoma County have been affected by the fires as have we. If possible, put out shallow trays of water for them on your property. Make sure to keep any bird baths full. Keep your feeders full of nutritious foods as well. This will help any birds or other animals that are moving through during the day or night after being displaced from their homes.

Found a Baby Bird?

Baby Bird Flyer

If you found a baby (or adult) bird, here is a link to a flyer that leads you through simple steps to determine if it needs your help. More »

Window Treatments

Window Treatments

An estimated 300 million to 1 billion birds die each year from collisions with glass on buildings, from skyscrapers to homes. Unfortunately, birds cannot distinguish a reflection of a tree in your window from the real thing. Even if a bird recovers and flies away after striking a window, it could still die later as a result of the collision. More »

Cats Indoors

Cats Indoors

Madrone Audubon encourages cat owners to be responsible with their pets. Bells aren't enough - if you have a house cat, here are some things you can do to help keep wild birds, and your cat, safe. More »

Pesticides and Herbicides

Pesticide Free Zone

As well as cutting down on your use of pesticides both indoors and outdoors, other things you can do to help the cause of bird conservation. More »

Nesting Season

Nesting Season

Just like humans, songbirds build homes to raise their families. While many people think songbirds only nest high up in the trees, the truth is they nest everywhere. Songbirds nest in trees as well as bushes, cavities and even on the ground; some build nests on human dwellings, bridges and other human-made structures. They use an assortment of materials to construct their nests: mud, plant fibers, animal hair, moss, lichen, tree bark, twigs, saliva, spiders silk and even human trash such as string, dryer lint and cellophane. The materials and construction design of the nest keep eggs and chicks protected and warm. More »

Bird Feeding Guidelines


How to keep your feeders and birdbaths clean to ensure a healthy wild bird population. Salmonella outbreak information and what to do about it. More »

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